Josephine Czechowicz, MD

Pediatric otolaryngologist

Dr. Josephine Czechowicz is a pediatric otolaryngologist, an ear, nose and throat specialist for children. Her expertise includes treating sleep apnea, voice disorders, velopharyngeal insufficiency (a structural defect at the back of the throat that can cause speech problems), sinus conditions, vascular anomalies (abnormal clusters of blood vessels that appear as birthmarks) and noisy breathing.

Czechowicz's main focus in research is global health, and she has worked in Chile, Equatorial Guinea, Peru and Zimbabwe. She is currently studying hearing outcomes for children in resource-constrained settings. She is a member of the UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences.

Czechowicz earned her medical degree at Stanford University School of Medicine, where she also completed a residency in otolaryngology – head and neck surgery. She then completed a fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology at Seattle Children's Hospital, an affiliate of the University of Washington.


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